Act 6021

The lack of clear policy around living out of transportation vehicles and the difficulty of removing an entire Fluid Neighborhood, which may just as easily reappear one street over, has limited police intervention.  However, Act 6021 seeks to close this gap by prohibiting the formation of Carborhoods and Harborhoods and specifically banning inhabitation of cars within 5 miles of any established municipality.

This proposed legislation has led to protests from Carborheads and Harborheads (in habitants of Fluid Neighborhoods), who feel that their options for doing business in the city is being unfairly limited and that their right to gather freely is being infringed upon.  Inhabitants of traditional neighborhoods are mixed in their opinion of Act 6021, given that many of them rely on the services provided by Fluid Neighborhoods, but feel that Carborhoods and Harborhoods are negatively impacting the quality of existing neighborhoods.

Should Act 6021 pass, it would result in the elimination of Fluid Neighborhoods, and by extension the services they offer.  It has been posited that the service gap left in the wake would then be filled by private companies with employees who commute along the HyperLoop.  In reaction to this proposed law, many Carborhoods and their supporters have threatened to combine their assets and buy plots of land or garages around the city that would serve as Fluid Neighborhood “launch points." The more placid Harborhoods residents have generally remained quiet on their planned response, and hold to the belief that Act 6021 would be harder to enforce at sea.  Regardless of the outcome, Act 6021 will serve as a landmark decision, certain to effect small business owners, transportation regulators, and policy developers alike.