Are Flexstreets working for you? Tune in this Friday as Drunken Barber's Sid Croft takes on NYC Department of Movement.

Tune in this Friday @ 9:00 for a live recording of Drunken Barber with special guest NYC Movement Commissioner Albert Rockerfeller. Phone lines open @ 9:30.


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The mission of Wavelengths Media is to work in partnership with New York Megaregion affiliates to create a more informed public — one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.


The 7 wonders of the world have long been defined, but what might be the eighth? Marvels abound in our world and we certainly do not lack for candidates. The Eighth Wonder explores the natural and artificial phenomena around us and brings you their stories every week.


Has your lunchtime banter lost its luster? Then tune into Lunch Ladies where host Sarah Singerbear will fill your pre-lunch hour with trend, news, and policy bytes so you’re never out of the loop at the lunch table.


Drunken Barber is a weekly podcast featuring Sid Croft. It looks at all that is still distinctly human in our world, with a particular focus on New York City. There is, of course, the occasional drunken rant.


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Yolanda Scheinberg
The 8th Wonder

Renaissance woman, lover of all things cereal, leading the over-examined life


Sarah Singerbear
Lunch Ladies

Coastal nomad, Cryptozoologist, lead drummer of a rock band QUIETLY


Sid Croft
Drunken Barber

Not an actual barber, Coffeeshop novelist, used to have a dog name Fred