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Drunken Barber is a weekly podcast featuring Sid Croft. It looks at all that is still distinctly human in our world, with a particular focus on New York City. There is, of course, the occasional drunken rant.


Season 25, Episode 3: The Cheesesteak Derby

In this week’s installment of Drunken Barber, Sid dives into the The Cheesesteak Derby, a race sponsored by 10boros, the owners and developers of the Hyperloop and the east coast megaregion. The Derby sheds some light on the pros and cons of 10boros’ approach to the Hyperloop which has been somewhat obscure up to this point. 

In this episode you will meet runner-up contestant Becca Woods and hear about her first time riding the Hyperloop and how she used a wide variety of wayfinding bots to navigate the streets of NYC. 

Map from Google Maps.

Map from Google Maps.

Transit Times Decrease

The Hyperloop, one of Elon Musk’s most successful ideas, has expanded NYC’s 30-45 minute commute range as far as Boston, Washington, DC, and Ithaca, NY.

As defined by 10boros, a "hub" is the basic unit that represents the coverage of the Hyperloop in a population center. Hubs are connected by tubes that use electric propulsion to accelerate a passenger or cargo vehicle up to 700mph in a low-pressure environment.

Seamless integration with autonomous vehicles further increases the range of hubs up to the door steps of the passengers. The first set of hubs, built and operated by the private company 10boros, connects New York and Philadelphia. 10boros surprised a wide range of pundits by keeping the fare comparable to those of buses and trains to nearby suburbs.

Original rendering by Re'flekt.

Original rendering by Re'flekt.

MTA Wayfinding Services

The latest version of the MTA Wayfinding Bot improves GPS tracking down to your next footfall, increases the speed of rerouting and updates the AI logic to include humor and sarcasm. No longer will your eyes be glued to a screen to ensure you won’t miss a critical turn — your attention will be freed to observe and interact with the world around you. This latest MTA Bot knows you, she knows your habits, she knows your stride length, and she is ambient and unobtrusive. She can anticipate your wants, needs, and even answer questions you didn’t know you had. Miss a turn, no problem. MTA bot will already have the fastest possible alternative ready before you even have to ask.

Map from Google Maps.

Map from Google Maps.

Preferential Assistance

A variety of competing NYC wayfinding bots have proliferated over the past decade. The CitiBot provides instant information about availability and locations of CitiBoats, CitiBikes, Citi_eBikes and CitiCars. NYCtranspoBot is a third-party attempt to consolidate all the information from the various forms of transportation available and integrate those to provide a single, personalized recommendation for the fastest mode and route. NYCtrafficBot utilizes the Open Data platform to inform the user about current traffic blockages and predict where new ones will form. Most New Yorkers have become accustomed to accessing a cocktail of these bots to inform them while commuting. 

Special: Flex Streets
5 Year Anniversary

This show focuses on the introduction of FlexStreets, which dynamically allocates a fixed amount of road infrastructure.

Act 6021:
Fluid Neighborhoods

This episode focuses on the social and economic consequences of living outside of traditional residences.