Concept Development

Instead of creating a concept of the future focused around specific product developments or a utopian vision, we strove for a more reality-based future. This future-cast is grounded in the social implications of technological change, and the more human aspect of what living in a metropolis means.

Our speculation about the future is embodied in the podcasts, fictitious events, and visual concepts, and we aim to provoke rather than explicitly define a hypothetical world. We chose podcasts as our narrative tool and container for our concepts for a variety of reasons. 

First, we felt that podcasts were a fantastic form of diegetic storytelling, that encourages people to imagine a future world from the inside out. Second, podcasts are a popular medium for New York’s transit riders, so it felt appropriate for the content.

Our future podcasts are called Lunch Ladies, The 8th Wonder, and Drunken Barber. Each podcast draws ideas from the three core themes and explores the potential future impact to people, policy, and modes.