A Taxonomy of Traffic

One of the first steps in developing this new program was creating a new language for describing traffic. In one of their first acts as a newly formed entity, The Department of Movement defined new vehicle categorizations that would form the backbone of the system. The team settled on defining vehicles based on their weight. 

These categories were broad enough to accommodate future developments, but specific enough to guide the structure and development of the FlexStreets engine database. Furthermore, these categories were designed to be meaningful to the people using the system, and be simple enough to be universally understood.


• Bicycles
• Electric Scooters
• Autonomous Quadricycles

• Uniboards


• Private automobiles
• Autonomous car services
• Police Cruisers


• Delivery Vans
• Autonomous Shuttles
• Public Buses

• Autonomous Buses


• Semi-Trailer Trucks
• Autonomous Delivery Trucks
• Sanitation Trucks